Picket Fence

Best Range of Aluminum Picket Fences in and Around Toronto

Amazon Railings manufactures and offers a wide range of aluminum picket fences for the residents of Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our products are preferred for their durability and simple yet aesthetically pleasing look. They are perfect for several applications, including security and beautifying purposes. Our residential picket fences are available in many styles, with each providing a unique twist. Each picket fence panel is powder-coated to provide a maintenance-free solution. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we offer a 5-year warranty on labour and building materials.

Qualities of Our Aluminum Fence Pickets


We use durable aluminum to ensure each picket fence gate that we manufacture lasts longer and allows many years of use without fading. It can withstand severe weather conditions without degrading. Our products are maintenance-free and just what you need to have peace of mind.


We have skilled and knowledgeable installers to ensure the picket fence panels are made to perfection and meet your precise requirements. We offer many styles for the design, picket caps, and more to create a unique product that suits the architecture of a place.

Easy Installation

After finalizing the picket fence gate for a customer, our technicians will provide on-time and hassle-free installation service. We use the best practices to simplify the process, guarantee a perfect fit, and ensure the outcome exceeds the expectations.

Highest Quality

All our gates are built to specifications, creating finished products that will last for years. Our installers place the utmost importance on perfection and work to make sure the picket fence does not make any rattling sounds that gates usually tend to develop.

Stylish and Long-Lasting Aluminum Picket Fences at the Best Prices

Amazon Railings is the perfect option to upgrade your property in aspects – aesthetics, security, and functionality. We offer the highest quality picket fence gates, including white picket fences, without breaking your bank! Our installers are trained to perform an excellent job while ensuring your property is clean upon completion of our work.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your property’s security without skimping on style, call us at 1-905-763-9000. We’ll be more than happy to ensure you have the perfect fence for your home!