Glass balcony railings are highly recommended to those property owners who are particular about their view not getting hindered. The whole purpose of balconies is to let you have an outside experience while sitting at home. If you have a porch to renovate, you can go for glass porch railings too. It is time you modernize your space and not limit yourself behind bars!

So while you are at it, why not install the most exquisite glass railings in Toronto? To cover the installation on time and within budget, it is best to hire experts in town, like Amazon Railings. Not only do we provide the best raw materials which are put together by professionals, but also charge rightfully. You can assess the kind of work we do and our specialty by skimming through our previous work.

If you are looking for some inspiration, check out a few ideas and understand what kind of arrangement will suit your balcony or porch.

Glass Railings Ideas for Balconies

1. Frameless Look

  • This includes rails without the steel barriers to rest your hands upon. They have no marginal restrictions.
  • They make your space look wide and spacious, without any virtual limitations.
  • They do not block your view in any way. Your sight will be transparent, quite literally.
  • They are much in trend for the elegant finish they give to a balcony or porch.

2. Juliet Balcony

  • A Juliet balcony, as the name suggests, is designed and installed in a way that looks like Romeo will any moment climb onto the balcony. While it looks like a balcony, in reality, it isn’t. It is a pretentious set-up where there isn’t much space for a real balcony.
  • For people who have space issues to accommodate a balcony yet want one, they can go for this option.
  • It allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight without the obstruction of windows, just like a real balcony does.
  • Juliet balcony gives out a Victorian aesthetic vibe due to its design and concept.

3. Enclosed Balcony

While some people do enjoy the perks of having a spacious balcony, they might also have to consider the climate of their region and design their space accordingly. The benefits of having an enclosed balcony are:

  • Protects you from extreme weather conditions
  • Prevents dust and pollution to harm your space
  • You can enjoy the view without any obstruction and without having to bear with the extreme climate

4. Tinted Glass Balcony

Glass railings in Canada are available in many varieties. You can always experiment with the designs you have at your disposal. Tinted glass balconies have a grandeur of their own.

  • Prevents direct sunlight from penetrating your space
  • Subtle on your eyes, almost works as a shade
  • Can be colour-coordinated with the tint of your walls

5. Framed Glass Balcony

These balconies are perfect for homes with children or pets. Just to be cautious, you can opt for framed glass balconies as it gives you a sense of protection.

  • Protect the fragile glass frames
  • Gives support for hand resting
  • Provides durability

Call the Experts for High-Quality Railings in Toronto

Amazon Railings is a reputable name for glass railings in Toronto. We offer a variety of products to meet varied needs. We also provide quick and efficient installation services to ensure % customer satisfaction.

Our services:

  • Fencing
  • Railings
  • Columns
  • Gates
  • Project Design
  • Column layouts

You can reach out to Amazon Railings at 1-905-763-9000 to schedule an appointment. You can also visit our showroom at 600 Bowes Rd, Unit 38, Concord, Ontario. We are open from Monday to Saturday and will be happy to assist you.


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