Aluminum columns are a popular choice among homeowners for their porches or shaded patios. For spaces such as porches and patios, columns not only need to be strong enough to support your structure but should also blend into the aesthetics of your home. Aluminum columns have a tremendous load-bearing capacity, come in a variety of colours and design and can be easily cleaned at maintained. These are some of the reasons that make aluminum columns a popular choice, especially for decks and porches.

If you are looking for columns for your home, here are seven reasons in detail to help you understand why you should pick aluminum columns.

Advantages of Aluminum Columns

1. Powder Coated Colour Options

With powder-coated aluminum columns, you can save the expenses on sanding, priming and painting. Amazon Railings offer aluminum columns that have powder-coated exteriors that are not only pleasant to the eyes but are also capable of withstanding harsh weather.

2. Class a Fame Spread Classification

The Class a Fame spread classification is a rating that represents the propensity of a material to burn rapidly and spread flames. The rating for aluminum is the highest, which means that an aluminum column will not catch fire and spread flames easily. As a result, the material is believed to be extremely dependable.

3. Lightweight

Another advantage that aluminum columns offer is that they are lightweight and easy to load and unload. When you choose aluminum columns for your home, you do not need to hire extra manpower or equipment to handle them. Aluminum columns can be easily handled on-site and installed without the need for additional skilled labour or heavy equipment.

4. Wide Variety of Styles

If you are new to the concept of aluminum columns and their contribution to enhancing the aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces, the following information might interest you. Aluminum columns are actually preferred by architects because they provide structural support to a building and add sophistication and beauty to a space. They come in a wide variety of designs including aluminum railings, aluminum fluted columns and porch columns. Besides their impressive load-bearing support capacity, they are also available in a large number of decorative designs that can add a lot of beauty to residential and commercial spaces.

5. Load Bearing

Did you know that aluminum columns can bear weights from 20,000 to 43,000 pounds? Aluminum columns are reputed for their load-bearing capacity, which makes them a popular choice for holding up decks and porches. However, you may want to speak with your architect about wind uplift if you want an aluminum porch column and live in an area where wind uplift is a concern.

6. Low Maintenance

Maintenance is indeed an important factor. Aluminum columns need minimum maintenance and they can last you a long time. Unlike wood, you do not have to worry about the rotting, warping and splitting of the columns due to climatic changes. Similarly, aluminum does not rust or corrode like other metals which means your columns will last you years if taken care of well enough. To keep them shiny and looking new, all you need to do is ensure cleaning their surface regularly.

7. Cost-Effective

The installation and maintenance costs for aluminum columns are quite low, which makes them cost-effective. You can easily have these aluminum columns installed and maintained for years. They are extremely durable, which means you do not have to look at replacements and repairs for years.

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