After installing aluminum picket fences on your property, it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity of the fences. Often, homeowners neglect their share of duty, resulting in their fences getting damaged earlier than expected. Fencing is a wise decision, but maintaining them to enhance their longevity must be the homeowner’s focus. To retain their beauty and durability, you must look for the easiest ways to keep them clean and new. Luckily, aluminum picket fences are straightforward to maintain even with minimal effort. You only need to take out a little time from your daily schedule to ensure your fences are in healthy condition.

Here are a few suggestive tips you may incorporate to maintain your aluminum picket fences.

Start with Basic Cleaning of the Picket Fences

Aluminum fences are simple and easy-to-clean material. You do not have to make elaborate preparations to clean the fence. Since aluminum does not rust, you can use soap and water to wipe off the dirt from its surface. Or dust the dirt off the fences using a light brush or a soft dry cloth. These simple cleaning methods will go a long way to help preserve the quality of your fences. If you notice spots or stains such as bird droppings on your fence, use warm water to clean them off. You can also use soap or water for enhanced cleaning.

If the stain is challenging and takes time to remove, you can first use a soft bristle brush to rub off the hardened surface. Then, use soap, water, and a cloth to wipe out the remains gently. Please ensure that you do not brush or scrub hard as it may damage the polish or reduce the luster of the aluminum fence. Once the cleaning process is over, you can use a garden hose to clean soap water remains from the surface. Rinse the fences from top to bottom to avoid dirt streaks from drying on the freshly-cleaned panels.

Ensure to Inspect Your Picket Fences Regularly

It would help if you made it a daily ritual to inspect your aluminum picket fences. Ensure to look out for damaged rails, loose or rusted bolts, uneven panels, gates, etc. If you do a timely check on your aluminum picket fences, you will save yourself from uncalled expensive repairs in the future. If rectified on time, minor damages can keep the prospect of irreparable damages in the future. You can do these repairs yourself or call your fencing contractors to do the job. The quicker you are with your repairs, the lesser the chances of the long-term damage to your picket fence.

Lookout for Damages that Can be Easily Prevented

No matter what fencing material you choose to install on your property, you must always do what is needed to prevent damage, especially when the damage prevention is in your hands. If you installed an aluminum fence gate, ensure you do not leave the gate open when not in use. If the gate is open unnecessarily from time to time, it will cause the hinges to get loose or distort.

Besides hinges and bolts, you must also preserve the polish/paint on the aluminum picket fence by removing weeds or wild shrubs growing near the wall. Sometimes, wild vegetation grows on the panels of the fence and tarnishes the polish or paint on the surface. Gently remove the vegetation by cutting them out and planting them somewhere far from the fence. You must also keep rocks and huge potted plants away from the fence and gate to avoid damage by friction.

Do Not Forget to Oil Your Picket Fence Gate

Last but not least, do not forget to oil/grease the bolts and hinges of your panels and gates. If your aluminum gate is in regular use and your fences have aged a little, it is time you grease the hinges properly to improve their longevity. Do not forget to check the condition of the paint and polish on the fence. Polishing aluminum picket fences once a year will do the needful.

Where to Find Reliable Aluminum Picket Fence Installers?

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