Wondering if getting aluminum deck railings for your outdoor deck can be a good idea? You will find several articles online that compare steel and aluminum deck railing in Canada, demonstrating the pros and cons of using both metals in construction. Aluminum railings are being used increasingly for outdoor decks. You might wonder if you should opt for aluminum railings for your deck too? If that’s the question you are asking yourself, read on!

Debunking Myths About Aluminum

There are several myths associated with aluminum deck railings. It is believed to be rare and expensive. However, this is far from the truth. Aluminum makes up 8.5 percent of the Earth’s crust. As far as being expensive is concerned, aluminum can be separated back into its pure metallic form by using electric jolts only. In the older days, this large amount of electricity would result in making aluminum expensive.

Most catalogues of aluminum deck railing systems will emphasize that aluminum doesn’t corrode. The fact is that it does. However, corrosion is different from rusting. Aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide. This aluminum oxide rests on the surface of the metal and protects the underlying bits from corrosion.

Are Aluminum Railings Worth the Money?

If you are looking for durable options for your outdoor deck, aluminum railings can be a great choice. Here’s why:

Lightweight: Aluminum is lighter as compared to steel and can be great for those who are taking up DIY projects. Since aluminum is a lighter metal, it is not only easier to handle but you can save money on labour. You do not have to engage a large number of workers in case of deck railing installation.

Unique Thermal Properties: Aluminum has unique thermal properties which makes it suitable for use in railings in outdoor decks. In cold weather, steel railings tend to become brittle. On the other hand, aluminum deck stair railings tend to become stronger. During summers, aluminum railings tend to remain cooler because the metal is a good thermal conductor. As a result, aluminum absorbs heat quickly but disperses it effectively.

Easy to Install: If you live in an area where the winds are particularly strong, aluminum outdoor railings could work very well for you. During a strong wind, the pressure is tremendous at the point where the railing is anchored at the base or at the sides. In cases of strong winds and steel railings, these points give in to the pressure and break. However, because aluminum is a lighter metal, less force is applied on these points and hence there are no or very few instances of breakage.

Let Us Help You Make Your House More Beautiful

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