Don’t you love how modular aluminum railings completely transform the look of any outdoor space? From aesthetic appeal to safety, aluminum railings are the whole package.

Now, if you want to get them installed on your property, you need to do some research. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum railings in Toronto, we have listed ten commonly used words in the industry to help you understand them better and make an informed decision.


In simple terms, a rail is a fence or barrier. It is mainly a boundary feature, and it has various uses. Most homeowners prefer this for durability, style, and a clean and classy look. Also, if you have older members in your family, railings are an excellent assistance feature. If you have pets or toddlers, it protects them from outside harm and prevents dangerous animals from entering.

Railing System

A railing system is a set of railings that form a barrier. It typically surrounds a balcony, porch, deck, stairs and other areas.

Guard Rail

Guard rails are installed to protect people on the property. They ensure that people do not fall off from an elevated surface such as a walkway, landing or stairs. You can also spot guard rails on construction sites, streets, balconies and more.

Assist Rail

As the name suggests, assist rails offer reliable assistance. They are often referred to as handrails. You can find them attached directly to the wall. Their primary purpose is to help the movement of people. They are an incredible feature, especially if older people and children are in the house since they tend to lose their balance easily.

Top Rail

The upper, horizontal, bar-like component is known as the top rail. It runs parallel to the floor and is affixed with spindles.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is a bar-like component that runs parallel to the ground. However, if your railing is attached to the flooring, the arrangement will not have a bottom rail.


The vertical structure that supports the railing is known as the post. It is the most crucial element of the railing system, holding the top and bottom rail together. These rod-like structures are attached to the ground. They are primarily not for aesthetics but functionality and ensure high integrity.


Often referred to as the baluster or spindle, the picket joins the top and bottom rail in spaces between posts. Your picket can be decorative or just simple and vertical.


Just like your house, your railings also need an entrance. In simple terms, a hinge is a mechanical and moveable joint that allows your railing gate to move.

Two-Line Railing (Three-Line, Four-Line, and more.)

The number of lines is the horizontal lines present in the railing, i.e., the top or bottom rails in the system.

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