When it comes to giving your home a stunning makeover, you do not want to hold back. If you are in a phase where you are shopping for materials for renovation of your home or are considering initiating the activity, you would have already gone through catalogues looking for different options such as glass porch railings, aluminum or iron columns, picket fences, etc. One of the most important aspects that you should look at is the fencing. Why? Because it keeps your home safe from prying eyes and makes it look more attractive!

Picking out wood for fencing has several advantages. It is sturdy, environment friendly and when installed by a skilled contractor, can amp up the beauty of your house by several times.

However, if you are yet to make up your mind on whether you should opt for wooden fencing, here is some information that will help.

What is a Wood Fencing?

Also referred to as timber fencing, wood fencing offers you versatility. You can use the wood as a fence around your house or use it to partition a certain area or use it as a marker on your property.

What are the Different Kinds of Wood Used for Fencing?

Just as you would very patiently pick out glass porch railings for your home, you can choose from a wide range of wood types for building your fence. Some of the most popular woods used are as follows:

a. Cedar

One of the most popularly used wood type for fencing is cedar wood. It can be more accurately described as a softer type of wood. As a result, it has limited strength and shock resistance. They can best be used to create screens or partitions.

Cedar wood has the tendency to shrink when set out to dry. If you are looking to experiment, cedar is a great option as it is great at colour retention and is very smooth to work with. Also, it is quite durable and can serve as great material for posts, decorative fencing, etc.

b. Fir

Another popular option is fir. It is also known as yellow-fir wood, red-fir wood and Douglas-spruce. Fir finds application mostly in the form of lumber, engineered wood composites, plywood, etc. However, experienced contractors will tell you that fir is great for fencing too as it is extremely durable, is highly split-proof and are reliable when it comes ot holding the screw in place.

c. Red Oak

Red oak is another popular wood type that is used for fencing. Usually, this wood is cut into lumber, fence posts, veneer, etc. If you choose this wood for your fencing, remember to give it a preservative treatment for satisfactory services.

d. Teak

Teak is an expensive option because it is durable, strong, highly resistant to decay and pest infestations and weathering. Another factor is that it has high-longevity, which makes it quite expensive. So mostly, teak is used for making cabinets, furniture, carving, etc. However, if you want to indulge yourself a bit just as most homeowners do when it comes to picking glass porch railings, you can speak with your contractor and work out the charges for a beautiful and sturdy wood fencing.

Advantages of Wood Fencing

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of options you have in terms of material, here is a quick brief on why wood fencing can be a great option for your home.

Stand Out

Not everyday do you see houses with wooden fences. Needless to say, a wooden fence can make your home stand apart from the rest. You can also enhance its look by either painting it or getting it carved. If you would like to have your wood fencing last for a longer period of time, you can paint it regularly with water-resistant paint.

Environment Friendly

When you get a wood fence installed, you are doing your bit to save the environment. Unlike bio-degradable materials, wood does not harm the environment the way other materials do. When they are old, they are easier to dispose and they cause no harm.

Easier on the Pocket

Wood fence is far more economical when compared to stone or metal fencing. If you live in a locality where wood is reasonably easy to buy, then you can get a wood fencing for your home without worrying about the expenses.

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