If you have nosy neighbours, live across a loud and busy street or just want an added layer of protection, you must have considered installing privacy fence panels around your house. People often assume that all privacy fence panels look the same and appear a bit dull. Luckily that is not the case, as numerous styles of privacy fence panels appeal to different budgets and aesthetic preferences. Today, let us look at one of the most classic privacy fence materials: wood privacy fence panels and explore the different styles they are available in.

Stockade Privacy Fence

When homeowners talk about getting privacy fence panels for their homes, they usually picture something similar to stockade-style privacy fence panels. This style is one of the most common and oft-used privacy fence panel designs.

These privacy fence panels consist of wooden boards placed side-by-side without leaving any room or gap. Depending on the homeowner’s preference, the picket tops can be pointed. Doing this adds a more rustic and gothic element to the wooden privacy fence but also discourages trespassers or climbers. A cap or horizontal top rail is often incorporated to give the fence a more polished and aesthetically appealing look.

Shadow Box Privacy Fence

Another popular option for backyard privacy is the Shadowbox fence style. In this style, the privacy fence panels or boards are positioned to be on the opposite side of the central rail. The panels are also placed alternately to construct a balanced and symmetrical design and appear to be the same from both sides.

This wood privacy fence has earned the nickname “good neighbour fence” since your neighbours get to see the same finished look.

The privacy fence panels and alternate boarding are aligned close enough to remove any unnecessary gaps. Although, due to this design, the airflow is maintained, and the yard doesn’t appear claustrophobic.

The only disadvantage is that you can see through certain angles, which does not give you 100% privacy, but it is still considered good enough for many homeowners.

Board-on-Board Privacy Fence

For the utmost privacy, the board-on-board wood privacy is your best choice. This style is created with the help of overlapping vertical pickets to avoid gaps or spaces. Every other board covers the space between the two panels underneath, and all the pickets are attached to the same side of the railing.

A board-on-board fence will be very sturdy and afford complete privacy. The cost will be higher since more pickets are required for the overlapping process.

Lock Board Privacy Fence

Another popular wood privacy fence is the lock board option, where boards join together and form a solid panel in a tongue-and-groove style. This style of privacy fence panel obstructs any view, providing utmost privacy and is considered one of the sturdiest fences.

Unlike other fences, lock board fences have no gap that allows expansion. Any form of expansion and contraction occurs within the tongue and groove.

A lock board wood privacy fence can instruct air flow and protect you from harsh winds if you live in a particularly windy area. The only downside is that it will prevent a breeze from cooling your hot day.

Lattice Privacy Fence

A lattice fence is not what people assume when it comes to privacy fence panels. Out of all the wood privacy fence present here, the thin slats placed in a crisscross fashion gives you the least amount of privacy and can be considered decorative. Even though the lattice fence does not provide complete privacy if it is paired with a climbing vine, it can provide a substantial amount of privacy.

This privacy fence style is meant for homeowners who want a sense of privacy but also want to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of the yard. Some even choose this option to maintain a more airy feel rather than a restrictive look.

If you like this design but still want the most privacy, a lattice detail can be added to other fence styles, such as shadowbox or stockade.

The solid wood privacy fence covers and protects most of your yard from prying eyes, and the lattice top offers visual interest and a feel of an open appearance.

Horizontal Privacy Fence

Opt for horizontal wood privacy fences if you want a contemporary look. They are increasing in popularity due to their clean and modern appearance and can be seen in most contemporary designs. In this design, homeowners can customize the height and width of the privacy fence panels to give a more custom look while maintaining privacy. The one thing that must be maintained while installing privacy panels is the grade of timber being used. High-quality wood will ensure that cases of sag don’t affect the quality of the fences.

Why Pick Amazon Railings For Your Privacy Fence Panels?

Installing proper wood privacy fence panels improves and enhances the security and beauty aspect of your entire house. Wood is an excellent and classic choice for privacy fence panels, as they give the ultimate privacy and stability out of all the other materials.

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