Glass railings offer many benefits, including safety, elegance, and versatility. As a property owner, you can customize them per your design preferences. You can also choose between the frame and frameless glass railings for decks, patios, stairs, and balconies.

As a leading manufacturer of custom railings in Toronto and Canada, we have provided our clients with bespoke frameless glass railing solutions that have stood the test of time and have looked beautiful for years. This article will discuss a few essential features and benefits of glass deck railings.

How are Frameless Glass Deck Railings Installed

Glass railings are popular mainly because they are versatile and customizable. Similarly, the types of fasteners used to install them are also different. A variety of options are available so that you can select the right look for your home.

Typically, there are three types of frameless glass deck railing fasteners including:

  • Base Rails
  • Talons or Pins
  • Posts and Clamps

Base Rails

Frameless glass panels fit into a same-size base rail, giving you a larger view of the outside world. It gives your space a strong, simple, yet elegant look that adds interest and enhances aesthetics.

Talons or Pins

A talon resembles an upside-down letter T. They hold the glass panels on both sides and are easy to install. They can be mounted on the sides or the floor, making a flexible fastening option. For stairways, specialty talons are used for angled railings.

Pins are two-inch round with flat metal buttons that fasten the base of the glass panel. They are minimalistic and provide a clear view while being solid and durable. You can customize the pins for level and angled applications.

Post and Clamps

Posts are used in between each glass panel and are held in place with the help of clamps. This frameless glass deck railing is popular due to its look and versatility. Depending on your preferences, you can have posts mounted on the sides and surfaces with a handrail set on the top. Framed design is highly beneficial, especially when you have seniors at home.

The fastening options mentioned above are made of stainless steel and are durable and safe for installation. Hiring a professional glass deck railing installer is best to ensure the result meets all the safety standards.

Why Choose Frameless Glass Deck Railings for Pool Areas?

Glass deck railings with a frameless design are one of the most sought-after options for outdoor pools. They enhance aesthetics, add value to your property, and give you the next level of experience with clear and beautiful sceneries to enjoy.

A pool deck is used for barbeque parties, get-togethers, hangouts, exercise, relaxation, and play areas for children. So, a surrounding deck railing can provide safety and prevent any pool-related accidents while you are on the deck.

Advantages of Glass Deck Railings for Pool Areas

Frameless glass deck railings are popular among property owners. If you are using them for the pool area, here are some benefits that make them the best choice.

Crystal Clear Views

Glass railings give you unobstructed transparent views of the entire poolside area and backyard. And frameless designs offer you a 100% experience. If your children are swimming, you can look after them through the railings while on the deck, further adding safety and peace of mind.

Sturdy and Durable

It is crucial to choose a durable, strong, and resistant material. Glass is an ideal choice for outdoor deck railings as it is not prone to rotting and rusting when exposed to water.

Resistant to Chemicals

Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools require using chemicals such as chlorine which can damage certain materials. So, it is vital to consider chemical corrosion when determining the material of poolside deck railings. Fortunately, glass is resistant to damage caused by such chemicals, proving to be the best option.

Low Maintenance

For some materials, cleaning and maintenance cost much more than the initial installation. Over time, wear and tear can add to further repair or replacement-related expenses. However, glass railings are next to maintenance-free, and you just need to wipe them once in a while to keep them looking beautiful and clean. With this, you can ensure they last for years or even decades.

Easy Installation

Depending on the installation company, you can install glass deck railings within a day. Other materials involve a complex process which may increase the time needed to accomplish the task.

Get Premium Quality Deck Railing in Toronto

Amazon Railings is a top manufacturer, supplier, and installer of custom railings in Toronto and Canada. We have 20+ years of experience crafting bespoke designs that define your taste and personality. When it comes to aesthetics, our railings complement your property without compromising on safety and durability.

Some of our offerings for glass railings include:

  • Frameless glass railings
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  • Glass deck railing
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  • Picket glass railing

We ensure maximum safety, durability, and resistance to elements with years of maintenance-free experience. Contact us to learn more about our diverse residential and commercial railings options.