Considering the right design and material for your indoor or outdoor railing system is as important as planning for other elements of your house. Railings contribute to the overall aesthetics and safety. So, your decision will significantly impact the overall design and security of your interiors or exteriors.

This article explores outdoor glass railing as one of the most popular contemporary choices. It is many homeowners’ favourite due to the visual interest and the sense of open space it creates. It easily combines with other architectural elements of your home, and here is why you should consider it as a great option.

Types of Glass Used in Outdoor Glass Railing

A few might think about the strength and sturdiness a glass railing provides. You might also think about any associated risks. However, the glass utilized in manufacturing railings is super-strong and sturdy.

Here are three glass types used in railings:

Heat Strengthened Glass

This type of glass is toughened by heating at extreme temperatures and then force-cooling it to achieve high strength and durability. It is twice as strong as untreated glass, and any forceful impact will break into sharp shards. Heat-strengthened glass is not a common choice for glass railings in Toronto.

Tempered Glass

This type is produced in a similar way as heat-strengthened glass. However, the cooling process makes all the difference. The cooling process is further accelerated for higher surface compression to manufacture tempered glass. This makes tempered glass much stronger than its heat-strengthened counterpart. In addition, if tempered glass is hit by a forceful impact, it breaks into small pieces that are not harmless. All these properties make tempered glass a preferred option for outdoor glass railings.

Architectural Glass

For a safe and secure railing, the glass must be extremely strong and resistant to cracks or strong impacts. Architectural glass has all these characteristics and is an ideal choice for outdoor glass railing systems.

Similarities Between Glass Railing and Aluminum Railing

Use of Aluminum

When we talk about aluminum railings, we know they are mostly made of aluminum. However, you may not know that glass railings also use aluminum. The base in which the glass panels are fixed is made of aluminum.

Special Anodizing Coating

In the anodizing process, aluminum is coated with a special protective layer that forms the surface. This makes the railing more resistant to weather conditions, including sun, rain, snow, and wind. It also prevents discolouration and the accumulation of dirt.

Similar Installation

Outdoor glass railings and aluminum railings are installed using anchors.

Not Compatible with Bricks & Aerated Concrete Slabs

Bases made of aerated concrete slabs and bricks are unsuitable for glass and aluminum railings. They do not provide the required strength, safety, and durability for outdoor railing systems.

Glass & Aluminum Railings for Decks

If you are planning a railing option for your deck or patio, glass with aluminum deck railing is an ideal selection. Outdoor glass railings can last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements.

Glass railings are more suited for raised platforms such as decks and patios as they are safe options. The material does not rot, deteriorate or wear out and maintains safety for a lifetime. In addition, they let you see through and enjoy beautiful views and sceneries across your deck or patio. They prove to be the best options, especially for homeowners who dislike opaque materials that give a sense of a confined space.

Outdoor Glass Railing for Home

Tempered glass is a common option for residential properties. But the thickness of the railing systems may vary as per the project requirements.

Outdoor Glass Railing for Office

Laminated glass is the most sought-after for commercial properties as it ensures more safety and security. Although thickness may vary per the needs, a standard measurement is 9/16”.

We Offer Premium Glass Railings in Toronto

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