Glass as house railings has become extremely popular among homeowners recently. They are truly the best options as house railings as they can be used for various different applications and can be used in places such as stairs, swimming pools, outdoor fences, balconies, porches, and so much more. Glass as house railings provide not only a sleek, elegant and minimalist look but also provides a completely unobstructed view of your entire property area.

Homeowners tend to select glass house railings compared to metal and wooden ones as they are comparatively low maintenance and do not require any form of polishing and painting. However, if you have glass house railings, they require a bit of maintenance effort to keep them in perfect condition and retain their elegant appearance. It isn’t a daily maintenance routine but rather an occasional clean-up.

What Are The Different Types of Stains And How To Remove Them?

There are various types of stains that your glass house railings can get, but that depends on the where they are placed. A glass stair railing will have different stains than your glass balcony railings.

Dust And Dirt

No matter how much you clean your house, dust and dirt never seems to let go. Luckily removing dust and dirt from your glass house railings can be pretty quick and easy. Use lint-free wiping cloths to avoid further marks, stains and residue. There are several items and cleaning solutions made specifically for glass. Although if you are in a pinch, the best and most effective method is to use a solution of white vinegar and water and combine it with a newspaper to wipe the area.


Grime or liquid stains need a bit more work to clean than dust or dirt. These can occur from any liquids near your house railings, starting with cooking oil, food grease, and much more. You can wipe off the grime with a clean damp cloth. Be careful with the type of water you use, as hard water and its minerals can potentially ruin the glass surface. Instead, you can use filtered or distilled water to retain the look and shine. As for cleaning solutions, you can opt for an ammonia-based solution or a 3:1 liquid dish soap and warm water cleaner to cut through the difficult grease.

Bird Droppings

If you have exterior house railings, such as glass stair railings, fences or balcony ones, they will be exposed to nature and bird droppings from time to time. Once these bird droppings dry, they can be challenging to clean.

When cleaning bird dropping, utilize a disposable cleaning cloth and diluted apple cider vinegar to clean the stains. There are potent antimicrobial agents in vinegar that are great for getting rid of birds and other animal droppings. Ensure to wear disposable gloves and avoid direct contact to guarantee safety.

Water Marks

More common with outdoor house railings are water stains. It is caused if the water sits on your glass railing for a significant amount of time, creating unappealing spots and streaks, which can be hard to remove. These stains can also be created by snow and rain or even by improperly cleaning glass surfaces with a wet cloth. Avoid these water spots bt removing any traces of excess water with a squeegee.

When your glass railing is dry, it should be clear and devoid of spots, marks or streaks. You can also use a lint-free cloth to avoid the formation of streaks.

Pro Tips For Cleaning Glass House Railings

Put Lemon Juice into the Cleaning Mix

If you want to make sure your glass railing sparkle and appear extra clean, add lemon juice to your cleaning mix. Lemon is acidic, and its properties help remove tough glass stains. It also serves as a deodorizer and gives a fresh smell.

No Scrubbing

Soak the persistent grime, dirt or bird droppings with white vinegar to loosen them before cleaning. Do not scrub the glass at any cost, as solidified debris could scratch the glass.

Examine Your Brackets and Supports

Check your house railings’ brackets and supports every month for signs of corrosion, loose ends and more. If the glass is attached to wood, check for termites and mold. Generally, brackets are created from high-quality aluminum, so rust or corrosion isn’t a worry. Nevertheless, aluminum can become loose after a certain period. Regular inspections will deter significant issues.

Where to Find Trusted Glass House Railings Installers in Toronto?

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