When you are deciding on outdoor deck railings, there are a variety of options that you can choose from, starting with numerous design choices to shade options. But when it comes to outdoor deck railings, it is more than just aesthetics; you also need to factor in safety. Safe outdoor deck railings safeguard homeowners and their loved ones from possible deck-related accidents.

In the current market, there are a lot of options when it comes to outdoor deck railings, but the real thing you must discover is which railing is the safest option. The answer to this question depends on numerous factors, such as deck height, area codes, weather conditions, the presence of children and pets, and so much more.

Today, let us assist homeowners in navigating the vast range of outdoor deck railings and answer simple questions regarding safety choices.

Outdoor Deck Railings – Cable Deck Railings

Outdoor Deck Railings - Cable Deck Railings

Cable outdoor deck railings are an exquisite addition to your deck. These outdoor deck railings are a minimal choice, and their sightlines give your deck an elegant and modern look. When correctly tensioned, these cables can supply immense strength and keep people safe. However, in the case of cable outdoor deck railings, one safety concern deters away homeowners, which is the “ladder effect.” Most cable outdoor deck railings are horizontal in design, creating a “ladder effect,” which lets children climb on top and increase the risk of falling.

Although studies have shown that there aren’t a lot of injuries from deck railings, it is still a legitimate concern among several homeowners. Although there are a lot of ways to reduce the risk, for example, by reducing
Safety Rating: Three Out Of Five

Outdoor Deck Railings – Glass Deck Railings

Outdoor Deck Railings - Glass Deck Railings

Glass is an excellent option for outdoor deck railings as it provides a clean and clear view of the entire landscape. However, homeowners get concerned when they think of glass as a railing material because they consider it fragile. Surprisingly enough, glass can withstand quite a lot of impact. Glass outdoor deck railing manufacturers provide drop-in style 6mm tempered glass panels that are relatively easy to install and are five times stingers than regular glass.

Tempered and specialized glass railings can manage an impact velocity of up to 60 feet per second or forty-one miles per hour. These glass railings can also withstand 24,000 lbs per square inch of stress or pressure.

Even if powerful impact panels damage and fracture these panels, they will not break into shards but rather break into small pieces without sharp edges, minimizing the risk of accidents.
Safety Rating: Four point Five Out Of Five.

Outdoor Deck Railings – Aluminum Deck Railings

Aluminum is known to be corrosion- and rust-free, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, the relentless heat from the sun, UV rays, snow, ice and more. Unlike other materials, if you use aluminum deck railings, they do not shrink, warp or even twist.

Most aluminum deck railing manufacturers employ pre-attached bracket systems to offer commercial-grade railing strength, perfect for every homeowner and their outdoor deck railing applications. Pre-attached aluminum bracket designs facilitate easy installation while increasing rigidity and durability. This enhances the safety aspect of outdoor deck railings.
Safety Rating: Five Out Of Five

How To Childproof Outdoor Deck Railings?

If you have children and pets, you know how important it is to childproof your outdoor deck railings. Every nook and corner of the deck can pose a threat as they are just the right size to shimmy their heads and bodies into small spaces. Our primary objective with childproofing is to reduce the risk of injury and pain. The most effective method is direct supervision of little ones when spending time on your outdoor deck. Apart from that, homeowners ideally must follow the standard rule to decrease all railing gaps to less than 4 inches. Doing so will ensure children cannot put their heads and bodies through and risk falling.

Accessories such as child gates, plexiglass, meshes, and barriers can create safer decks for children and pets. Before taking this route, homeowners should consult a deck inspector or decking expert to confirm these safety efforts will not negate a product’s warranty or create unintentional consequences.

Where To Find The Best Outdoor Deck Railings in Toronto?

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