Maintaining the beauty of your glass railings may seem like an arduous task, but in reality, it is not. If you know the right tricks to maintain your glass rails, you can have them for a much more extended period. Glass railings are prevalent among homeowners because of their adaptable features. They can be installed in porches, balconies, and stair rails both indoors and outdoors, as fences, as support railings, etc. They can also be installed around swimming pools for child safety. The railings are designed not only to give your property an elegant look, but their transparent or translucent feature also offers an unobstructed view.

Do you know why homeowners prefer glass over iron or wood? It is because glass railings are incredibly low-maintenance and last longer than other materials. However, the longevity of these elegant additions also depends on the efforts of the homeowners. Glass railings may be low maintenance, but they do require some maintenance. To find out how to effectively maintain your glass railings, read and apply the pointers provided below.

Start with Regular Dusting of Outdoor Glass Railings

Do not underestimate the power of regular dusting. If you take a little time from your hectic schedule and dust your railings daily, you will not have to face tough dirt later. If not dusted or wiped regularly, the dust particles solidify on the glass railings, making them difficult to clean. It is all the more important for outdoor glass railings since they are exposed to the pollution outside.

Lookout for Grime and Bird Droppings

Grime or liquid stains can sometimes be more tricky to clean than regular dust or dirt. Liquid stains can occur by spilling any oil, grease, or other liquid on the glass railings. It is best to wipe off the spillage with a wet cloth before it dries up. If you want to retain the surface shine of your glass railings, you can use distilled or filtered water to clean the surface. Upon discussion with your glass railings installer, you can also use an ammonia-based glass cleaner. If you do not want to use an ammonia-based cleaner, try a 3:1 mixture of liquid dish soap and water to eliminate the marks.

Besides grime and liquid stains, bird droppings are also challenging to clean. But an easy way out is to use a piece of disposable cloth dipped in diluted vinegar to gently wipe off the spillage. Ensure to clean the stain before it dries as it gets challenging to wipe outpost drying. Wear disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with vinegar to be on the safe side.

Lookout for Dried Water Marks

If you live in a region prone to rain and snow, you must look for dried watermarks on your glass railings. If trickling water sits on your glass railings for long, it may leave behind ugly spots or streaks on your railings. After drying up completely, these leftover water stains are sometimes difficult to clean. But you do not have to worry because we have a quick solution for this. To eliminate watermarks from your railings, use a squeegee. Prepare soap water and clean the surface using a handy squeegee to get rid of the stains quickly. Also, ensure that you get rid of extra water on your railings with a dry and clean cloth.

Ensure Your Brackets and the Railing System Are Not Loose

Besides cleaning and wiping your glass railings, it is also vital to regularly inspect the condition of brackets, bolts, and glass attachments. Check for loose ends and ensure the glass panels are not cracked or loose from anywhere. Check for corrosion since the support and bracket system is made of metal. It is best to detect and repair loose attachments to prevent uncalled accidents. Get the repair done as soon as possible to ensure everyone’s safety.

Do Not Scrub Your Glass Railings Too Hard

Last but not least, please avoid cleaning or wiping the glass railings too harshly. Scrubbing the glass railings is off the table. Please note that roughness may cause scratches on the glass surface, thus ruining its beauty.

Where to Find Reliable Installers for Glass Railings in Toronto?

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