Glass is a commonly used material for doors, windows, saunas and around swimming pools. But are glass railings a good choice in terms of safety? For most people, it is concerning that glass can make their indoors easily accessible to prying eyes and even thieves who can break in without much effort. Hence, even with its beauty and elegance, standard glass is a choice that makes homeowners think twice before installation.

However, did you know that there is another variant called tempered or toughened glass? Tempered glass is a specially treated glass variant which is stronger, safer and more durable than standard glass. Its toughened nature makes it a popular choice among home owners who want elegance and safety at the same time.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is created through intense heating, followed by rapid cooling by way of blasts of air. This treatment causes the external surface of the glass before the internal layer. As a result, the glass cools down, becomes stronger and – more importantly – safer.

When glass undergoes the treatment, the internal layers create a pull at the external surface which in turn changes the properties of the glass. As a result, when tempered glass shatters it breaks up into rounded cubes which does not cut or hurt anybody. On the other hand, when standard glass shatters, it breaks up into sharp shards that could hurt you or your family.

What Are the Advantages of Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass offers several advantages:

a. Durability: When used with aluminum rail posts, tempered glass railings can be extremely durable. By being rust resistant, tempered glass railings and aluminum rail posts, together, can last you a long time. So you need to worry about replacing your posts and railings for a very long time.

b. Heat resistant: Tempered glass is prepared by exposing standard glass to intense heat. The resultant glass is a highly heat-resistant variety. As a result, you can easily use tempered glass in areas that are exposed to heat more frequently.

c. Versatile: Tempered glass is extremely versatile and can be used in different places inside or even outside your home. For example, glass stair railing is a very popular design. If you are interested in knowing the different uses and applications of tempered glass, you can get in touch with experts from Amazon railings.

d. Scratch resistant: One of the most important advantages of using tempered glass is that it is scratch resistant. Standard glass tends to get scratched easily, which instead reduces the transparency and clarity of the glass.

However, the intensive treatment that tempered glass is subjected to makes it very hard and scratch resistant. For this reason, tempered glass is the preferred material for car windows, glass deck railings and phone screens.

Can Tempered Glass Break?

Tempered glass does not break easily and is far more durable as compared to standard glass. You would come across houses where tempered glass has been used as outdoor glass railings too. However, it might break in case of mishandling or manufacturing defects. Here are a few situations that may lead to shattering of tempered glass:

a. Scratches that can cause shattering: While tempered glass has been designed to not shatter, it is important that you consult your contractor to take a look at the glass in case it shows any crack.

b. Blemishes: Make sure you check for blemishes before getting the glass installed at home. The glass may sustain blemishes during the heat treatment. If not addressed on time, the glass can shatter.

c. Incorrect Handling: Improper handling is one of the main causes of the glass shattering. If you are getting a glass railing installed at home, you must ensure that the installers have a clear understanding of how tempered glass is handled.

How Safe is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is growing into a trusted glass variant. This is simply because it offers you and your family safety. You do not have to worry about the glass shattering at the slightest provocation. Even if it does, it will break into smaller pieces that do not have sharp edges.

Furthermore, tempered glass cannot be cut open using a glass cutter. Tempered glass is extremely strong and hence you need not worry about break ins.

However, how do you know if a tempered glass railing is what you want or which variant suits you the best? Reach out to the experts – Amazon Railings for all your questions regarding glass railing in Toronto!

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