Styling your outdoor railings is an art. You need to ensure they seamlessly blend with your exterior and provide safety and durability. Many campuses and residential places rely on railings for safety and code compliance. Other places where railings are very commonly used are hotels, apartments, businesses, athletic facilities, and more. For each project, railings are custom built to meet necessary project specifications. This means that any setting is ripe for an aluminum railing deck system. You may ask why install Aluminum deck railings and not glass or wood? Well, superior quality aluminum railings offer low maintenance and are stylish yet durable. These qualities of aluminum make them desirable. Often, extremes of weather and harsh conditions put railings to the test. Aluminum railings pass this test quite gracefully. Unlike iron, steel or wood, you do not have to fix rotting, warping, splitting, or chipping of rails.

Coming to styling your deck appropriately, a deck is often the center of attraction of your exteriors or outdoor living space. A well-furnished deck is always incomplete without a nice set of railings enhancing its beauty.

With an array of options to choose from, depending on the size and style of the rails, it may feel overwhelming to curb your choices. To ensure you make an informed decision, here is a list of railings and deck systems to help you select the ideal Aluminum deck railing system for your exterior. Read through the guide to understand better.

What Makes Up a Railing System?

A highly supportive railing system comprises robust and long-lasting rails such as Aluminum rails, bottom rails, infill/balusters, vertical support/posts and post caps. These various intricate parts combine to form a well-rooted railing system. To understand these terms better, have a look at the descriptions below.

  • Railing: First and foremost, the main component of a deck railing system is railings. The primary railings are also known as ‘top railing’ or ‘handrail.’ The railing is installed horizontally between the supportive vertical posts or vertically. The installation keeps in mind that the design is ergonomic for your hands. Graspable rails are best-suited for all environments. More contemporary designs can be square-shaped and minimalist. Or, unique-design lovers can consider a ‘drink rail,’ which has a flat surface to rest cups and glasses; therefore, the name ‘drink rail.’
  • Bottom rail: As per the traditional railing systems, the bottom rail is kept parallel to the top rail underneath the balusters or infill panels. Bottom rails are often minimalistic in appearance, smaller and more subtle.
  • Infill/balusters: The region underneath the top rail offers space for the deck railing’s aesthetic versatility. Select from standard horizontal balusters, vertical balusters, mesh columns, quirky cable rail, or glass balusters or panels that offer unobstructed views.
  • Vertical supports/posts: Rail posts are installed at equal distances in a railing system to support the rails, infill columns and horizontal balusters.
  • Post caps: All railing systems have coordinating post caps placed on top of them. However, you can design/choose a unique style to give it your signature statement and add more flair.
  • Lighting: To add charm to your Aluminum deck railing system, you can infuse soft yet bright LED lights into your rails. You can specify to your installer where to integrate the lights; the railings, post caps, vertical support, and even decking. This helps to give your exterior the perfect warm glow, increases safety and enhances the ambiance for evenings.

All the features of the deck railing system mentioned above are customizable. You can choose to go ahead with various shapes such as straight horizontal rails, vertical rails and curly rails. Or any design which you think suits best for your exterior. To ensure the railing system effortlessly blends with your outdoor aesthetics, colour coordinate the rails or ask your installer for professional advice.

Why Choose Amazon Railings for Aluminum Deck Railing Installation?

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