Picket fences are a staple when people imagine perfect dream houses. Traditionally picket fences are associated with wood, but times have changed. In today’s day and age, we have a plethora of materials which we can use to construct the perfect picket fence. The two most common materials are wood and aluminum. If you are considering installing a picket fence, you must make the right choice. According to experts, even though wood is traditional, aluminum provides a lot more versatility and gives a clean and modern look. If you are still deciding which one to pick, we have created a comparison between both wooden and aluminum fences.

Visual Appeal

When selecting your picket fence, personal choice plays a huge role. If you prefer the old, rustic, weathered look, wooden picket fences are a perfect choice. Wooden picket fence enthusiasts believe that the slight imperfections add a bit of depth and personality to the overall look. A wooden picket fence also adds a great accent to the yard creating a beautiful landscape.

On the other hand, aluminum fencing is quite different from wooden picket fences. The uniformity of aluminum picket fences gives the property a cleaner, more expensive and sophisticated look. Since aluminum pickets tend to be narrower than wooden ones, it provides the general area with an open and airy look. It also allows you to showcase your yard.
If privacy is your primary concern, you can consider packing aluminum picket panels closer together.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is one of the most significant factors when one makes the final decision. Anything that requires frequent maintenance means it is chipping away not only your money but also your time.

When we compare wooden picket fences to aluminum ones, aluminum ones tend to win. Wooden fences require constant staining, painting and repair. You also need to ensure that there are no edges or splinters that can cause anyone harm. They are also not weather resistant and are susceptible to rot. This increases the maintenance charges required to have the perfect wooden fence.

As for aluminum picket fences, low maintenance cost is one of its most significant advantages. They are weather resistant and do not require regular care and maintenance. They also tend to be corrosion-free, adding years to an aluminum fence’s lifespan. Aluminum picket fences are also light and durable, and their colour stays longer than any other fencing material.

Installation and Budget

People often base their decision on initial installation prices, leading them away from the bigger picture. The initial cost and the actual cost can vary significantly depending on the material you end up choosing.

For example, let’s talk about aluminum fences; the initial installation cost can be slightly higher than wooden fences. But, once aluminum picket fences are installed, you do not have to worry about maintenance for at least the next ten years.

As we have discussed earlier, the wooden picket fence is cheaper when installed. Although if to maintain its beauty and durability, you must take proper care of it. Proper maintenance and care involve staining the fence, preventing rot, termite, and more. Even if we consider staining, the cost of staining two coats on both sides will add up over the years, increasing the overall price of wooden fences.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your picket fence can influence your house’s overall look and aesthetic appeal. Wood, in this case, is almost synonymous with picket fences. They have a certain charm, and their versatile design adds to the aesthetic appeal. However, if these wooden picket fences are not maintained correctly, they can look faded and worn down, ruining their appearance. Even if you are a fan of the rustic or classic aesthetic, you still need to ensure its maintenance for it to last a long time.

Aluminum picket fences are often associated with minimalism, but with trusted railing and picket fence manufacturers, you can get numerous advanced designs that suit the architecture of your house. The colour choice can be slightly limited with aluminum, although its durability and lack of wear and tear tend to impress potential buyers.

Why Choose Amazon Railings For Picket Fence Installation?

Installing a picket fence tends to have a positive impact on both the security and beauty of the house. Even though aluminum and wood are excellent materials for picket fences, aluminum has a few factors that make it the superior choice.

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