One way to enhance the overall appeal of your exteriors and interiors is to install glass railings on your porch or your staircases. People are often picky when selecting railings, and you will find them choosing glass railings over wooden or iron rails. There are many reasons people prefer glass railings over wooden or iron railings. Compared to wood or iron, glass railings are weather-resistant, long-lasting and come at pocket-friendly prices. Before making your purchase, ensure that you learn all about glass railings and their properties and how they are better than wood or iron.

Here are a few convincing properties of glass that outshine wood or iron.

Glass Railings are Easy to Maintain

Glass railings are always easy to maintain compared to iron or wood railings. Iron or wood railings are often intricately designed and therefore difficult to clean. Outdoor glass railings are, however, sleek and easy to wipe. Their smooth surface and dust-resistant nature makes cleaning easy. You can use a good-quality glass cleaner to wipe off the settled dirt on the railings and make them look new in minutes. If your glass rails suffer scratches or other damages, giving them a polish can restore their old shine.

Unlike glass, one cannot exercise the same cleaning practice on wood or iron as wood tends to chip away, and iron erodes with time. Therefore, polishing their surfaces will not help solve the issue.

Additionally, termites and other pests can potentially damage the quality of wood. Glass railing users need not worry about pest invasion or timely maintenance for glass.

Glass Railings Seamlessly Blend with Your Surrounding

Don’t you like the neat lines and the contemporary touch of glass handrails? Their neatness and stylish display makes glass railings an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners. Since glass is transparent, it makes even the narrowest staircase and constricted spaces seem broader and more spacious than it is. If you have less room to offer rails or wish your staircases or porch to look big, glass railings will be an ideal choice.

Since the tempered glass panels attached as outdoor glass railings are almost transparent, they offer a seamless flow between your property and your surroundings – an unobstructed view for your eyes. No matter what design you choose for your staircase or porch, all designs can be easily customized by your installer.

Glass Railings are Durable

If you have children or pets at your house and wish to install risk-free and durable railings, the glass will be a good choice. Since glass railings do not have narrow openings or spaces in-between installations, a child or pet can’t get their limbs or head stuck in between rails or pass and fall through them. Note that the separation between the glass and its support is too narrow for someone to slip through them. Glass railings are also complex for children to climb since they do not have designs or ridges for a footrest. Lastly, safety-tempered glass panels do not crack or break into large pieces, making them safe to use around stairs. Durable glass railings also serve as an effective barrier against harsh weather conditions like storms, heavy snowfall, and rain. Unlike wood, they will not easily shatter and cannot be broken down easily. Thus, protecting your property from invaders and robbers too.

They Increase your Property’s Resale Value

If you plan to resell your property and want to create a lasting impression on your buyers, you can consider replacing/installing glass railings for your house. They add value to your property, and they also provide much-needed security. On the other hand, iron railings may corrode with time and show patchy orange stains. It looks ugly and may give out the wrong message to your buyer. Also, wooden rails may not retain their polish for long and look shabby or old. Take note of these intricate details before you put your house for sale.

They are Weather-Resistant

Unlike wood, glass is not affected by heavy rain or snow. Copious rain or perpetual snow may damage even high-quality wood, rendering the wood swollen or distorted. Even iron is prone to rusting and chipping away if exposed to humid weather conditions. These damages are irreparable. Therefore, it is advised to choose glass railings over wood or iron. The durability of glass is undoubtedly better than wood and iron when dealing with harsh weather conditions.

Comparison Between Glass, Wood and Iron

Properties Glass Wood Iron
Weather-resistant  Yes No No
Durable in the long run Yes No No
Easy to break No Yes No
Safe for children and pets Yes No No
Prone to pest invasion or corrosion  No Yes Yes
Cost-effective Yes No No
Easy to install Yes Yes Yes

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