With the plethora of options available, choosing the right type of railing can be pretty challenging. Aluminum railings have always fared high at being a crowd favourite. So if you are wondering why you should be selecting aluminum railings instead of all the other alternatives, we are here to tell you all about the outstanding qualities that the other railing materials cannot match.

Advantages of Aluminum Deck Railings

High Resistance

Generally, when people think about aluminum, people tend to believe that they rust and corrode. Luckily it is nothing more than a myth since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metal means you do not need to worry about rust or corrosion. Aluminum is one of the most weather-resistant materials used in the railing industry. Aluminum can easily tolerate all the harsh environmental elements such as snow, rain and even the glaring sun.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum railings are your friend if you are looking for low-maintenance outdoor deck railings. A typical aluminum deck railing barely needs maintenance besides the usual painting and cleaning. To be completely maintenance-free, you must choose powder-coated aluminum deck railings, which only require the occasional cleaning.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are trying to pick the perfect outdoor deck railing, you need to ensure that it compliments the aesthetic appeal of your entire house; otherwise, it may stick out like a sore thumb. No matter what people say, the house’s aesthetic appeal is essential to add value to your property. Since aluminum deck railings are available in a variety of designs, patterns and colours, you truly get an opportunity to display your personality but also allow you to blend the railings seamlessly into your surroundings.

Low Cost

Aluminum deck railings are comparatively cheaper than most railings available in the market. Aluminum is significantly cheaper than wrought iron or steel deck railing systems. However, aluminum railings are a bit more expensive than wood. But if you install aluminum deck railings, you do not need to worry about maintenance which can be both time-consuming and costly. Aluminum deck railings are not only the best option for railings but also a one-time investment making them better than any other railing material options.

How Does Aluminum Deck Railings Compare to Other Railing Material?

Aluminum vs. Steel

Most aluminum deck railings available nowadays are powder-coated, barely requiring maintenance while giving them an outstanding, long-lasting finish. On the other hand, steel railings must be repainted every few years.

Steel is also much heavier than aluminum, making it much more challenging to transport and handle. Aluminum is much more flexible, especially during the installation process. If you have a regular mitre, you can cut through aluminum railings. This allows the installer to obtain the perfect fit. Steel railings require special grinders, cutting torches and more to create any on-site changes.

Aluminum vs. Wood

If we compare wood and aluminum, aluminum is most likely to win due to its benefits. One of the significant benefits is that aluminum railings will not rot, no matter which climate you are in. Powder-coated aluminum railings barely require maintenance during their life, but wood, on the other hand, requires frequent maintenance. If you live where it rains or snows quite a lot, wooden railings will be prone to developing rot. Wooden railings also need to be repainted frequently every couple of years. Depending on the weather, you might also need to treat your wooden railings chemically.

Aluminum vs. Vinyl

Aluminum has several benefits, one being its low expansion and shrinkage index. If you live somewhere with extreme cold or heat, you need aluminum deck railings because, despite the harsh weather, aluminum will retain its shape. On the other hand, if you opt for materials like vinyl, it won’t be able to handle the temperature fluctuations. Frequent expanding and shrinking of vinyl railing will deteriorate the quality of your railing over the years. You might notice your vinyl railings losing colour and cracking due to constant UV exposure. If we compare this to aluminum deck railings, UV rays have a negligible impact on them, allowing the aluminum railing to maintain its beauty for years to come.

Why Pick Amazon Railings for Your Aluminum Deck Railings?

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